Feedback from Sevastopol Soft Drinks Plant LLC

Review of Sevastopol Soft Drinks Plant LLC

In February 2018, at our production plant in Sevastopol, the task was to modernize the automatic bottling line. In a short time, the replacement of the labeling machine was required. We turned to the production. the company "PAKKA", which, having gone to meet us, manufactured equipment - a labeling machine PAKKA 3000 EP, for our packaging, in the shortest possible time. Since our containers are bottles of various capacities - 0.33 liters. / 0.5 l. / 1 l. / 1,5 l. / 2 l., Together with a labeling machine, a lifting mechanism was made for us to adjust the height of the machine. Within a month, the equipment was fully shipped to our address. In operation, the PAKKA 3000 EP labeling machine proved to be reliable and productive equipment with a consistently high quality of applying polypropylene labels on hot glue to all volumes of our bottles. It also did not cause difficulties in servicing this equipment. Production. PAKKA company has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner that fulfills its obligations in a timely manner. We look forward to further cooperation!
CEO Sevastopol Soft Drinks Plant LLC M.M. Martynov
Review of Selena company

Review of Selena company

The objective of our company was to automate the bottling, capping and labeling process of our unique Purcell 6 disinfectant products, Chlorhexel skin antiseptic and ammonia (household ammonia 10% solution). Our Izhevsk company LLC Pakka-Trade did a good job of this. Individually for us, automatic filling on flowmeters with high precision filling was developed, which, in combination with automatic capper and labeler, fits into our premises and now works with high productivity. Thanks to this equipment, it became possible to reduce the cost of our products, increase sales and speed of execution of orders. Specialists of the company Pakka-Trade LLC carried out commissioning work with us, trained our employees, helped with installation. We express our sincere gratitude to the company Pakka-Trade LLC for your work for the benefit of the customer.
CEO of Selena company Zakirov T.Z.
Review of the company “Limited Liability Company” VIO-Pharm””
In order to automate the production of our unique cosmetic products, Vio-Farm LLC acquired an automatic roller capper from PAKKA for putting on and twisting caps on product bottles. The specialists of the Izhevsk company did an excellent job of our task, manufactured the equipment on time and carried out commissioning. We consider PAKKA production company a reliable manufacturer of high-quality equipment, which is pleasant and profitable to work with. We will continue to order equipment in this company.  
CEO of VIO-Pharm LLC A. V. Nagovitsyn
Review of “Kirovskie Mineralnye Vody LLC” company
Conveyor systems including chain transporters 80 mm (3 sections of 8 m each) and air transporters for movement of empty PET bottles (over 60 meters) have been purchased for needs of "Kirovskie Mineralnye Vody LLC" enterprise. Pakka company has supplied everything exactly within terms stipulated by the contract. The customer is fully satisfied with received products. High quality of manufacture, convenience of installation and aesthetic appearance of the received products should be noted. Equipment in operation presented itself well and at this time it has none faults in operation or it has none problems for a servicing team.
Technical director Mr. Muravy'ev Aleksei Pavlovich
Review of Varnenskiy KHP (Soyuzpishcheprom)

Information Letter of Varnenskiy KHP (Soyuzpishcheprom)

In 2016 and 2017 our company purchased production lines for vegetable oil filling in PET containers. Manufacturing company Pakka was able to successfully implement this project, manufacture and start the production lines. Currently after more than two years of operation I would like to mention operation reliability, stability and convenience of equipment maintenance. Currently we have already three operating lines
Director of production Mr. E.R. Bulatov
Review of Sintezcom LLC company

Review of Sintezcom LLC company

We have purchased labelling equipment for self-adhesive labels. We needed process automation and we contacted several companies. According to some criteria Pakka company was selected as a vendor. Equipment has been operating for more than a year. There are no complaints to its operation. Thank you for failure-free operation of equipment purchased from you.
Director of SINTEZCOM LLC Mr. Aksenov Yu.O.
Review of “Novoye Vremya Company” LLC
"Novoye Vremya Company" LLC represents production, wholesale and retail of dairy products, fermented milk products and preventive health care means (Normoflorins). It is the first producer of soy-bean products in the Primorsky Krai. In 2018 we purchased a set of blow molding equipment for PET bottle production as well as six press molds for different container types in manufacturing company Pakka. According to operation results within a year we have no complaints to quality or reliability of equipment. The machine is convenient for readjustment, nodes are reliable. We liked press molds very much for their volume accuracy and surface finish. Equipment was purchased from Siemens Finance leasing company. It was quick, clear process without any delays.
Director of "Novoye Vremya Company" LLC Mr. Buchirin G.I.
Gomel Winery
JSC Gomel Winery Rogachevskiy branch purchased equipment for its needs from the group of companies Pakka in 2018: semi-automatic capping machine UP-1500K. This equipment was manufactured to solve the task set for us exactly within the term in compliance with contractual conditions. Equipment meets the stated characteristics in full and operates correctly. Problems related to operator safety and work convenience have been technically adequate solved. Thank PAKKA company for high-quality equipment and prompt operation.
Head of branch Mr. Yu.A. Kapel'yan
Leader-Aqua LLC
According to the contract for equipment manufacture and supply our company in August 2018 purchased the automatic capping machine PAKKA 1000 UA with top bin-orientator and cap sterilizer OBP-5. Equipment delivery according to contractual conditions has been performed timely and as a complete package. Equipment installation and start have been performed without subcontracting. During operation the automatic capping machine PAKKA 1000 UA presents itself well ensuring required efficiency with high quality of capping of different volume PET containers. Upon that this equipment is reliable, easy to operate and maintain. Manufacturing company PAKKA has proven itself to be the reliable partner which fulfills its obligationsto maximum effect, within the specified terms. We look forward to further cooperation!  
Production Deputy General Director Mr. A.V. Voronin
DonMasloProduct LLC
In 2015-2016 our company purchased two automatic labellers PAKKA-3000EP and PAKKA-6000EP. Cooperation with PAKKA company left positive impressions on us. The task solved by equipment was not simple and obvious as in the first instance it was required to apply segmented labels on big diameter bottles with 3 l volume and upon purchase of the second automatic labeller it was required to ensure 6,000 bottles/hour capacity when applying labels on empty bottles, In both cases the tasks have been solved. Specialists of manufacturing company PAKKA readily accepted our desires for changes of some nodes and parts of the automatic labeller and took our pieces of advice into consideration for unconditional achievement of the required objective. Up to the date a contract for supply one more automatic labeller PAKKA-3000EP for application of segmented labels on 2 l empty bottles has been signed. I wish prosperity for Pakka company and further creative success in solution of non-standard tasks.
Chief Mechanic Mr. A.A. Sraboniants
Sprin LLC
For production optimization, increase in productivity, as well as cost reduction due to release of work area it was decided to purchase the automatic capping machine for 0.5 - 1.5 l volume PET containers. The automatic capping machine PAKKA-3000UA of PAKKA company production, Izhevsk city was chosen from all variety of equipment represented at the market. This automatic machine made a good impression due to the indestructible magnetic pivot shaft, adjustable head with fine tuning, high-quality MITSUBISHI controller as well as quick readjustment from one bottle volume to another one. For 2 years of operation the purchased equipment has presented itself only well. We can courageously recommend Pakka company as the reliable vendor.
Deputy Director of Sprin LLC Mr. E.Yu. Tulkin
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