Transport conveyor

Producer country
Warranty period
12 months
2000 mm
82 mm
Stainless steel

Transport conveyor in Izhevsk

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Length of 2000 mm or any length at the customer’s discretion.

Material – stainless steel

Conveyor belt width – 82 mm

Transport conveyors for bottles are used within automated lines for movement of bottles in the horizontal plane. It is the required element connecting labelling equipment, filling equipment, capping and heat shrinking packaging equipment in the single chain.

Design features

Slat conveyors for bottles can be different in length. Depending on transported container types the conveyors are equipped with geared motors of particular power.

Преимущества конвейеров ПАККА

PAKKA transport conveyors provide the following advantages to your production:

  • smoothness of belt speed adjustment,
  • minimum costs for equipment operation,
  • efficiency and high quality of work
  • rigid structure due to use of 2 mm thick stainless sheet steel.

Range of application

Current automated transport conveyors for bottles are used in such spheres as:

  • food production,
  • pharmacological branch,
  • medicine,
  • production of perfume and cosmetic products.

How to buy the bottle conveyor?

If you want to buy a PAKKA transport conveyor for PET bottles please leave your requests for receipt of free consultations or equipment ordering on phone number: 8(3412)91-86-54 or to email . We are engaged in manufacturing and delivering of equipment to businessmen in Kazan, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Tyumen and other Russian cities. PAKKA company production is located in Izhevsk

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