Air conveyor for PET bottles

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Air conveyor for pet bottles in Izhevsk

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The air conveyor for PET bottles is designed for movement of empty bottles from blow-molding equipment to filling machines. The movement principle is based on action of directed air flows on a bottle due to which the bottle slides along the transporter holding at the lip of the threaded part.

Design features

Air conveyor systems provides for straight-line sections and turning elements which depends on the production premise configuration. In addition the transporters are distinguished with line length.

Bottle transporters are made of stainless steel which ensures their full safety for the food industry. The electronic control system promptly adjusts the head of air supplied from fans and container movement speed.

Range of application

Air conveyors for PET bottles are widely used in:

  • food industry,
  • pharmaceutical branch,
  • medical production,
  • perfumery,
  • chemical industry.

Advantages of pakka air transporter

Due to equipage of company’s production lines with the PAKKA air conveyor for bottles you assure yourself of the following advantages:

  • control convenience and smoothness,
  • operational cost reduction;
  • prevention of accidents and container clogging,
  • noise level minimization.

How to buy the air conveyor packer in Izhevsk?

If you want to buy an air conveyor for PET bottles please leave your requests for receipt of free consultations or equipment ordering on phone number: 8-922-508-40-98 or to email We are engaged in equipment manufacturing and delivery. PAKKA company production is located in Izhevsk.

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