Bottle transporters

PAKKA company manufactures bottle transporters for manufacture, filling and packaging of carbonated water, water and other drinks. Automatic mechanisms meet sanitary regulations and safety regulations at the enterprise, manufactured in accordance with cutting-edge technologies, inspected and admitted to operation.

Transporter types: specific features and advantages

Depending on purposes the transporters for bottles can be divided into several conventional categories – air and transport conveyors as well as accumulation tables. They all have their specific features and advantages.

All transporter types are represented in the PAKKA company catalogue.

  • Air conveyors moving bottles by directed air flows. As a rule they are used for transportation of containers from blow moulding machines to filling machines.
  • Transport or slat conveyors. They are all-purpose and connect the complete production chain into a whole: labelling machines, filling and capping equipment.
  • Accumulation tables grouping all containers before their further transportation to packaging and labelling equipment. It is very useful upon jamming formation: it includes in the process and moves products to the main conveyor.

Where transporters can be bought?

If you are interested in completely automated production of drinks then container transportation purchase is mandatory stage. PAKKA company offers proven equipment which is popular among Russian users due to reasonable prices and high quality.

Requests can be left by the phone or via the electronic form on our official website. We are also ready for visitor reception (the address is specified in the Contacts column). It should be noted that equipment can be delivered throughout Russia.

Please call to place an order or to know more current information.

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