Sterilization lamps for food production

Sterilization lamps for food production are mandatory. Caps and PET containers are disinfected using them thus guaranteeing full safety  for the client and as the result – higher level of confidence on its part.

Advantages of sterilization lamps pakka

Closed type sterilization lamps are used  generally within food productions. They are often built in the cap line of the container capping machine and are the link in the production chain.

Regarding advantages of sterilization lamps manufactured by PAKKA company the following can be noted:

  • Compactness (equipment consists of a metal case with UV lamps inside);
  • Efficiency (beams with 253.7 nm average length are destructive for all bacteria without limitation and so you can be sure of purity of our products);
  • Reliability (sterilization lamps are manufactured considering past experience based on leading-edge technologies, Japanese production parts have been used for manufacture).

It should be noted that sterilization lamps for food production are indispensable equipment. This is especially the case when you plan to develop your enterprise and move to the higher level.

Sterilization lamp delivery throughout Russia

PAKKA company plants for equipment manufacture for drink production are located in several cities but delivery is possible throughout Russia.

Requests can be left by the phone or via the electronic form provided on the website. We can also meet you in our office and provide all current information, discuss project details and further cooperation.

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