Container packaging equipment

Container pre-packing using a shrink film is the final and important production stage of drinks, water and other liquids. That’s why the bottle packaging equipment is mandatory in each small and large enterprise. You may also like kvass filling equipment manufactured by Pakka company.

Convenience of equipment for bottle and other container packaging

Manual labor in production of carbonated drinks and water is inefficient and brings extra expenses. Fortunately there is the excellent alternative – automated systems. One of such systems is designed for container packaging.

Packaging equipment is cost-effective in enterprises producing carbonated water, mineral water and industrial liquids. It saves forces, time and money of the company owner.

Pakka brand equipment produced has its own advantages.

  • Convenient setting o optimum operation mode (groups 3х4, 2х3, 1х2).
  •  Quite high efficiency of the conveyor and all working nodes.
  • Smoothly running operation of each mechanism – belt, packaging and wrapping area, thermal blade, shrink heat tunnel.
  • Relatively low cost at the Russian market.

It should be noted that equipment manufacturing is performed under auspices of experienced specialists. Finished machines meet sanitary regulations and safety regulations.

Equipment delivery for container packaging throughout Russia

PAKKA company offers its clients not only high-quality automatic devices for plastic container packaging but favourable cooperation terms also. Affordable prices considering specific features of one or another equipment, quick request processing, prompt order execution, delivery in any town of Russia and free consultations: all of this guarantee amiable interaction at all production stages.

Call to know more information you may need. The manager will provide current data on company activities and production.

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