Automatic hot glue OPP labeller PAKKA-4000EP

For polypropylene labelling on cylindrical form bottles with rate up to 4 thousand labels per hour
Applied containers
PET, metal, glass
Capacity, pcs./h
up to 4,000
Used adhesive type
hot adhesive (hot glue)
Label type
polypropylene film
3.4 kW

Can be manufactured both for left-hand or right-hand equipment location options

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Automatic labeller pakka-4000ep

Suitable for labelling on cylindrical bottles and it is the product line component Labels from the roll using the perforated drum is transferred on a vessel. The polypropylene layer is fixed with the hot glue strip.

Synchronized operation of blades, bottle separator, drum ensures uniform label application on containers. The automatic machine is used with glass, plastic, metal bottles. Up to 4,000 products per hour are processed. Left-hand and right-hand devices are manufactured for convenience.

Description of the machine

The label represents a polypropylene film in the roll form.
Label holdup on the drum is performed due to perforation on the drum and vacuum pump.
Hot glue application on a label is performed in the form of a vertical strip.
During operation the glue application node rotating transfer hot glue from the glue box cylinder on a label.
Heating temperature of the glue application node is set using a controller.
The rotating blade cut the film in the middle of the glue strip and separates the label from the roll
The vacuum drum holds down the label to the bottle surface and rotating the bottle along the rolling arc glues the label on the surface.
Uniformity of bottle feed to the drum is ensured by the bottle separation mechanism.
The automatic labeller frame is made of stainless steel.

Principle of operation

The PAKKA-4000EP labeling machine is designed for gluing polypropylene segments by the hot method. It is used on the production lines for bottling water, sugary drinks, milk, alcohol. It inflicts up to 4000 stickers per hour. Mechanics of work:

A polypropylene tape is loaded into the drum, which is held in it by means of a perforated body and vacuum.
From the glue bath, glue flows to the application unit and from there in the form of a vertical strip to the film.
The knife cuts off the required amount of polypropylene film.
The bottle goes through the drum, where the label is wound on it and pressed.

The labeling machine is a well-coordinated mechanism that requires virtually no intervention. It can be made for left- or right-hand equipment. The label applicator is automatic, so there is no need to adjust it.

The heating temperature of the glue application unit is regulated by the operator of the production line. Bottles to the drum arrive evenly, since a separation mechanism is provided.

The device pays off faster than the applicator of self-adhesive labels, as raw materials for it are cheaper. For a long service life, the temperature in the production room is above 15 degrees. Make design changes to the labeling equipment is prohibited.

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