Labelling equipment

PAKKA labelling equipment is convenient for branding of bottles, cans, boxes and other containers with your products. As the machine mechanism operates automatically the employee presence is not required. Lemonade filling equipment can be of interest to you also.

Self-adhesive labelling equipment: system advantages

Equipment for different size and capacity labels is contained in the PAKKA company catalogue. Depending on the type of your enterprise, types of labels, packages and scopes of work you can select the optimum variant for your production.

All labelling machines have the following advantages:

  • High efficiency ;
  • Worthy quality of execution and reliable connection of all important assemblies;
  • Versatility of application within small and big enterprises;
  • Simple start, adjustment and operation;
  • Maximum reasonable cost.

It should be noted that all machines are easily additionally adjusted. If required you can set automatic change of dates, specify the required bottle diameter and label size. Simplicity and convenience are main forte of PAKKA brand equipment.

Labelling equipment with delivery

Affordable cost of labelling equipment, its any furnishing and power, prompt request processing, reasonable prices and delivery : applying in PAKKA company you obtain qualitative service, saving of private time and cost.

If you need an additional specialist consultation please leave the electronic request on the website, e-mail or call the number specified on the top. The manager will certainly answer all questions and provide current information.

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