Semi-automatic isobaric filling machine PAKKA-LD-4GD (-8GD)

Semi-automatic filling machine PAKKA-LD4G(D) / LD-8G(D), line type, for carbonated water, lemonade, beer and kvass filling in PET and glass bottles. Isobaric filling method.
Applied containers
pet, glass
Neck diameter
water, carb. water, lemonade, kvass, beer
Filling method
Container volume
Capacity for 4 filling (1,5 l)
up to 300 bph
Capacity for 4 filling (0,5 l, beer)
up to 400 bph
Capacity for 8 filling (1,5 l)
up to 600 bph
Dosing accuracy
Number of heads
4 or 8
Syrup dosing
Piston-like (optional)

Video review

Description of the machine

The operator places bottles
Presses the "Filling" button
The automatic machine fills out to the preset liquid level with +-1% accuracy
The operator removes filled bottles and places empty bottles

Semi-automatic isobaric filling machine pakka-ld-4gd (-8gd)

More details on filling drinks equipment

Semi-automatic filling machine LD —  4G(D) represents the line type equipment designed for carbonated drinks filling in plastic (PET) and glass bottles.

The filling principle is isobaric. This filling principle enables to fill heavily foaming drinks such as beer, natural kvass, carbonated water using natural syrup etc. Upon such filling principle the product foam formation and degassing during filling is reduced.

The semi-automatic machine is operated jointly with the CO supply station, saturator and the blending vessel.

Main parts of the machine are: accumulation tank, CO gas supply valves, water supply valves, syrup supply assembly, filling heads, electronic control system based on a programmable controller

Operation process description of PAKKA-LD-4GD (or -8GD):

  • Carbonated water enters the filling machine tank from the saturator, the tank filling level is controlled by “upper” and “lower” level sensors. The upper tank part  is filled with СО2 gas.
  • The operator installs two bottles in locating blocks under filling heads and presses the “Start” button. Each head pair operate in standalone mode. Filling heads are lowered and are hermetical contact with the neck part of bottles.
  • Syrup supply valves are opened according to the sensor signal, syrup is supplied from the intermediate blending vessel using the dosing piston (the syrup dose is adjusted).
  • Valves of CO2 gas supply from the upper tank part in bottles is opened and pressure in the tank and the bottle is levelled.
  • The water supply valves are opened and carbonated water fills bottles by gravity to the overflow channel level of the filling head.
  • The filling level is adjusted by calibrated inserts on the filling head.
  • Filling time is set by the operator on the programmable controller in the “Set up” mode.
  • Following bottle filling the valves of water and CO2 gas supply are closed, degassing valves are opened which release pressure in bottles from 2-4 bars to atmospheric pressure.
  • Following head lifting the filled bottles are installed on the transporter.
Specifications   LD — 4GD LD — 8GD
Capacity (1.5 l ) bph up to 300 up to 600
Precision of filling by level mm ± 1.0 ± 1.0
Volume of dosed syrup ml 50-250 50-250
Adjustment of filling from neck edge mm 15-70 15-70
Number of filling heads pcs. 4 8
Pressure in tank bar maximum 3.5 maximum 3.5
Air flow rate m3/hour 3.0 6.0
Operating pressure bar 6-8 6-8
Nominal bore of water supply inch 1 ( DN 25 hose) 1 ( DN 25 hose)
Nominal bore of syrup supply DN 12 hose DN 12 hose
Nominal bore of gas supply inch 3/8 ( DN 10 hose) 3/8 ( DN 10 hose)
Installed power kW 0.1 0.1


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