Semi-automatic filling machine PAKKA-LD2 (PAKKA-LD4)

Semi-automatic filling machine PAKKA-LD2, line type, for water filling in PET and glass bottles.
bottle material
neck diameter
Liquid water, carbon. water, antifreeze, fertilizers
bottle volume
0,1-10 l
dosing accuracy
number of heads

Dosing according to level. The unit operates in semi-automatic mode.

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Description of the machine

The operator places bottles
Presses the filling button
The automatic machine fills out to the preset liquid level with +-1% accuracy
The operator removes filled bottles and places empty bottles
Технические характеристики
Manufacturer Pakka
Producer country Russia
Warranty period 12 months
Weight 60 (110 kg)
Length 540 mm (1040mm)
Width 660 mm
Height 2000 mm
Capacity (1.0 l, water) up to 800 (1500) bph
Capacity (5.0 l, water) up to 300 (600) bph
Number of filling heads 2 (4) pcs
Containers Canister, bottle
Product type Drinking water
Container production material PET, plastic, glass, polypropylene
Bottle height up to 345 mm
Bottle diameter up to 320 mm
Power 1.5 (3) kW
Voltage 220 V
Operating air pressure 0.6 MPa
Minimum volume 0.33 l
Maximum volume 10.0 l
Operating life 5 years
Components Pneumatics Camozzi FESTO

Semi-automatic filling machine pakka-ld2 (pakka-ld4)

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Semi-automatic filling machine PAKKA-LD2 (PAKKA-LD4) represents the line type equipment designed for water filling in PET and glass bottles.

Основными частями аппарата розлива являются:

  • pumping station
  • filling heads
  • electronic control system based on the programmable controller “MITSUBISHI”.

Dosing according to level The unit operates in semi-automatic mode.

Operation description of semi-automatic machine pakka-ld2 (pakka-ld4) in Izhevsk

The work of semiautomatic filling is as follows:

  • The operator inserts empty bottles into the bottle neck holder and presses the Start button. (Subsequent loop operations are performed automatically.)
  • Pneumatic cylinders lower the casting heads.
  • The product is pumped through a fluid supply system.It passes through a non-return and solenoid valve, is divided into two flows and through the control valves through the product supply hoses enters the filling heads.
  • In the bottling heads, the product is poured into bottles through the holes in the nozzle through the holes in the nozzle.
  • During filling, washer with sealобеспечивает герметичность горла наполняемой бутылки.
  • The air displaced from the bottle by the product exits through the cavity between the outer and filler tubes and through the overflow fitting through the overflow hose enters the intermediate tank.
  • When the product level reaches the edge of the outer tube, its excess is also removed through the overflow hose.
  • At the signal from the controller, the product supply is shut off by an electromagnetic valve.
  • Only after this the heads rise and the filling stops.
  • The operator manually removes the filled bottles from the bottle fixing system, inserts empty bottles in their place and the cycle repeats.
Specifications LD — 4GD LD — 8GD
Capacity (1.5 l ) bph up to 300 up to 600
Precision of filling by level mm ± 1.0 ± 1.0
Volume of dosed syrup ml 50-250 50-250
Adjustment of filling from neck edge mm 15-70 15-70
Number of filling heads pcs. 4 8
Air pressure in tank bar maximum 3.5 maximum 3.5
Air flow rate m3/hour 3.0 6.0
Operating pressure bar 6-8 6-8
Nominal bore of water supply inch 1 ( DN 25 hose) 1 ( DN 25 hose)
Nominal bore of syrup supply DN 12 hose DN 12 hose
Nominal bore of gas supply inch 3/8 ( DN 10 hose) 3/8 ( DN 10 hose)
Installed power kW 0.1 0.1
Supply voltage C 220 220
Overall sizes (L х W х H) mm 600х850х2300 600х1260х2300
Weight kg 160 215
Service -team pers. 1 1


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