Viscous product filling machine PAKKA-LD-2

The semi-automatic filling machine PAKKA-LD-2 equipped with a screw pump and a drip pan is designed for filling of viscous and liquid products in plastic containers.
Capacity (0.5 l liquid soap, oil)
up to 500 bottles /hour
Capacity (1.0 l water)
up to 800 bottles /hour
Operating air pressure
0.6 MPa
Supply voltage
380 V
Maximum power
1.2 kW
Overall dimensions (LхWхH)
540х660х2000 mm


Ideally suits for small productions for filling of liquid soap and cleaning agents.
Equipped with the automatic drip pan to exclude product drops on bottles
The screw pump enables to feed both liquid and thick products
Made of stainless steel

Description of the machine

The operator installs bottles in locating blocks and press the Start button
Bottles are pressure-sealed and the pump supplies the product
Product supply is stopped according to preset time or upon level achievement
Filling heads are elevated and the drip pan is projected
The operator moves bottles for capping
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