Automatic isobaric filling machine for beer and kvass

Applied for filling highly foaming carbonated beverages, beer and kvass.
bottle volume
0,2...3,0 l
neck diameter
60...160 mm
up to 2000 bottles/hour
operating air pressure
0,6...0,8 MPa
method of loading
carbonated beverages, beer and kvass.

Description of the machine

Empty bottles are conveyed
Shiber cuts off the required number of bottles
A group of bottles moves to the filling zone
Casting heads drop
The bottle is sealed and the pressure in the bottle and in the product tank equalized
The product is poured without foaming
Overpressure is relieved
The heads rise and the group of bottles moves onto the conveyor


The product is supplied to the bottle by gravity at constant pressure - no foaming
Used pneumatic cylinders with housing and stainless steel parts
Raising and lowering the crosshead with readjustment heads with pneumatic cylinders reduces the readjustment time
Suitable for filling highly foaming drinks
Simple and robust design
Modern components of famous brands. The service life of the equipment is 10 years.
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