Equipment for filling in bottles and other containers

PAKKA company produces automated equipment for filling of carbonated drinks, water, industrial and domestic liquids. Adoption of up-to-the-minute technologies of production, orientation to the European level and application of components manufactured by global leading manufacturers enable to create efficient devices for large and small industrial enterprises.

Drinks filling equipment: prices and advantages of automatic systems

As distinct from semi-automatic devices the automated systems have many advantages. They are convenient, they reduce industrial process time, they are easily serviced and started.

Drinks filling equipment produced by PAKKA company has its advantages also.

  • Accelerates and optimizes the production process of carbonated/still drinks and other liquids.
  • Enables increase in earnings by downsizing of plant workers.
  • Enables to improve quality of output products.

Please note that our some equipment is appropriate for draft drink stores and has the serviced container range from 0.33 l to 2 l and availability of separate ways for additions enables to bottle several water types.

Costs of devices depend on their types as well as the type of used containers. Detail information can be obtained from a manager by the phone.


Proffessional equipment for fountain drinks:

PAKKA company are always open to dialog with its clients by ways convenient to clients. Equipment purchase orders can be left by the phone, in electronic form on the website as well as directly in the office (exact address is specified in Contacts column).

Should you have any more questions please contact the manager. Consultations are free.

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