Automatic capping machine PAKKA-1000UA-R (roller capper)

Cap types
trigger; push-pull; flip-top; doser; disk-top etc.
гз еш 1500 pcs./h
Consumed power
maximum 0.2 kW
Supply voltage
220 V
Operating pressure
0.6...0.8 MPa
Air flow rate
maximum 3,000 l/h
150 kg
Overall dimensions
625х650х1700 mm

Video review

The automatic capping machine PAKKA-1000UA-R (roller type) represents the universal automatic capping machine for any cap types.

For PET bottle and canister capping.

Readjustment set is not required.

The machine is operated by one operator which manually set caps on bottles.

The automatic capping machine caps the bottles with preliminary installed cps.


The universal automatic machine for any cap types
Reliable design: 7 years’ service life
Changeable readjustment sets are not required
Flexible and simple settings for high-quality cap twisting

Description of the machine

The operator sets a cap on a bottle
The bottle is moved on the conveyor
The automatic capping machine fixes the bottle according to the sensor signal
Rollers reliably twist the cap
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