Bottle capping equipment

PAKKA company successfully manufactures and sales the equipment for automatic and semi-automatic type equipment for bottle capping. The catalogue provides for a wide range of various devices for big and small industrial enterprises. Including drinks filling equipment manufactured by Pakka company.

Capping equipment types: specific features and advantages

According to the operation principle the plastic bottle capping equipment can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic.


If you want to obtain relatively cheap machine for a small private or recently opened enterprise the it’s better to prefer semi-automatic machines. Please note that a person will be required for their use who will install PET bottles in the capping area and place corks on necks. The machine will tighten it up to the stop.


Automatic equipment costs a little  expensively and its application is relevant in industrial enterprises with big circulation of filled products. The main advantage of such machines is fully adjusted automatics: both a plastic bottle and a cork are supplied to the belt in the automatic mode without operator participation.

Where it is better to purchase the bottle capping equipment?

Drink quality depends on how well a container capping device has been manufactured. So it is important to select a reliable manufacturer which uses time- and experience-proven mechanisms for automatic machine manufacture. PAKKA company is such manufacturer.

Main advantages of our equipment are as follows according to our clients:

  • Simple readjustment for parameters of particular containers;
  • Relatively easy maintenance;
  • High-quality manufactured assemblies of all mechanisms;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Large variety of additional parts and spare parts which are always available.

If you are interested in purchase of actual efficient capping equipment, please call the phone number on the website. We will be pleased to cooperate with you.

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