Semi-automatic blow molding machine PAKKA-600 PET

The operation principle of the semi-automatic machine is based on bottle formation in the mold from preheated PET preforms by compressed air of low pressure at first (preliminary blowing) and then by high pressure compressed air. It is important for irregular shaper or large volume bottles.
Capacity for 0.1-2.5 l
800 pcs./h
Capacity for 2.5-10 l
300 pcs./h
550 kg
Air pressure
16 or 25 bar
Time of customized manufacture
15-45 days
220 V

Maximum allowable 25 bar blowing pressure enables to blow irregular shape bottles and bottles with inscriptions.

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Weight is 550 kg which is in 1.5 times bigger than many manufacturer weight because reinforced mechanics bearing power load is used. It provides the bigger factor of safety and reliability.
SMC or FESTO pneumatics (being one of the world leaders for pneumatics manufacture) is installed in the semi-automatic blow molding machine.
Increased volume receivers ensure the better aeration of the preform. It is equipped with own receiver for bottle quality stability
Design of lock node hinges enables to preserve accuracy and reliability of the die mold locking and guarantees seamless blow for the whole equipment service life
The semi-automatic machine is easy to adjust and maintain and provided with the detailed instruction
Maximum allowable blowing pressure achieves 25 atmospheres which enables to blow irregular shape bottles and bottles with inscriptions.

Технические характеристики
Manufacturer Pakka
Producer country Russia
Warranty period 12 months
Weight 550 kg
Length 1600 mm
Width 520 mm
Height 1655 mm
Type of equipment Bottle blow molding machine
Type of control Semi-automatic
Capacity 800 pcs/h (0.1-2.5 l) | 300 pcs./h (2.5-8 l)
Minimum volume of blown containers 0.1 l
Maximum volume of blown containers 10.0 l
Blow pressure 16 or 25 bar
Preliminary blow pressure 2-7 bar
Minimum air flow rate (2x1.5 l) 32 m3/h
Maximum air flow rate (1x5.0l) 48 m3/min
Power 0.1 kW
Voltage 220 V

Semi-automatic blow molding machine pakka-600 pet (16 bar)

The semi-automatic blow molding machine PAKKA-600PET is designed for 0.15…10.0 l volume PET bottle blow molding

More details on PET blow molding equipment in Izhevsk

Bottle volume and shape is set by parameters of the die mold 9customer’ requirements agreed upon with the manufacturer)

Pakka-600 pet (16 bar) in Izhevsk

The blow molding machine in Izhevsk includes:

  • Kinematic form closure systems, neck sealing node, preform drawing node.
  • Pneumatic drive system (SMC, Japan. Festo)
  • Air handling system.
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