Preform heating furnace PAKKA-1200N

The preform heating furnace PAKKA-1200N is of the conveyor type with thermal stabilization
Time of manufacture
15-45 days
Capacity up to
1,200 pcs./h
Heating type
KGT lamp
Neck cooling

Warms up PET preforms to plasticize them for formation of PET bottles from them by blow with high pressure compressed air in a mold

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8 heating zones from 2 sides of the preform ensure more uniform heating which excludes rejected products during blowing
2.2 kW power quartz halogen heat radiators (KGT) are used as heaters.
Maximum 30% of rated lamp power is used during maximum performance which ensures longer service life
Smooth filament lamp switching on and off
Additional protection against air flows - excludes rejected products during blowing
Exhaust fans prevent preform overheating - excludes rejected products during blowing
Water cooling of the threaded part of the preform prevents deformation - excludes rejected products during blowing
Mechanical lamp adjustment for different preforms is possible using just 2 screws
2 spare filament lamps as a present
Технические характеристики
Manufacturer Pakka
Producer country Russia
Warranty period 12 months
Weight 260 kg
Length 1220 mm
Width 520 mm
Height 1270 mm
Type of equipment Preform heating furnace
Type of control Semi-automatic
Capacity (for molds up to 3l) up to 1200 pcs/h
Capacity (for molds from 5l) 450 pcs/h
Volume of blown containers 0.1 - 10.0 l
Voltage 380 V
Power 10 kW
Heating zone number 8 pcs

Preform heating furnace pakka-1200n in Izhevsk

The preform heating furnace PAKKA-1200N, conveyor type with thermal stabilization is designed for PET preform heating to plasticize them sufficiently for formation of PET bottles from them by blow with compressed high pressure air in the mold.

Installation of preforms and removal of finished products is performed manually.

More details on PET blow molding equipment in Izhevsk

Temperature conditions of the heating furnace is ensured by eight heating zones located from 2 sides from the preform which ensures more uniform heating of the preform and automatic maintenance of preset voltage in heaters is also implemented. Quartz halogen heat radiators (KGT) are used as heaters. Maximum power of each lamp is 2.2 kW. Upon maximum capacity of PAKKA-1200N the actual lamp operation is maximum 50% of its rated power which ensures their longer service life. Smooth lamp switching on and off is implemented which also extends their service life. Protection against air flow is implemented additionally. Application of exhaust fans in the heating zone prevents the “baking oven effect”.

Water cooling of the preform neck is implemented which is good for quality of blown products.

Mechanical KGT adjustment in relation to the preform is possible.

The control system for heating zones is implemented in one control unit. The frequency converter (inverter) is installed by Japanese company – Mitsubishi

The preform furnace PAKKA-1200N heats the preform as the result of which the PET work piece becomes plastic which is required for formation of plastic bottles of the particular form.

Design features

The preform heating furnace is of the conveyor design. It can be integrated in automated lines for PET bottle production. Several heating zones located on preform sides ensure achievement of preset temperature conditions and their smooth adjustment.

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