Automatic blowing machine for PET containers

Volume of the bottle
0,1...2,0 l
up to 1500 pcs./h
Number of sockets
Maximum height of the bottle
350 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)
2300х2100х1900 mm
1800 kg

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Low power consumption
Compact size
Robust crank locking system
Low pressure capability 15 bar

Description of the machine

The operator loads the preforms into the silo.
Management is carried out using the touch screen and PLC Siemens.
Preforms are automatically fed to the preform heating module.
The transfer unit installs the preheated preform into the mold.
The inflated bottle is transferred to a storage device or to an air conveyor.

Automatic blowing machine has a compact size, due to the placement of the hopper-elevator inside the apparatus. Hopper capacity: up to 4000 pcs. preform.

The machine can be connected to an air conveyor to transport finished containers to the filling line.

The ability to work at low pressure – from 15 bar allows you to avoid buying expensive compressor stations.

The device has low power consumption compared to peers.

The highly reliable system for locking the mold on the basis of crank mechanisms provides seamless blowing and reliable locking during the entire service life of the machine.

Preforms are heated by 16 KGT halogen lamps. The location and power of the lamps is adjustable over a wide range, which ensures uniform distribution of plastic to produce exceptionally high-quality PET bottles.

To prevent damage to the threaded part of the preform during heating of the preform, the thread is cooled by means of fluid circulating in the cooler.

Used pneumatics: Festo (Germany)

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