Pet blow molding equipment

The present market is saturated with goods so it is very important to prettify the products – to emphasize against competitors. It particularly relates to appearance of water and other drink packages. PAKKA company offers high-quality equipment for bottle blow molding – the best solution for your production. You may also like beer filling equipment manufactured by Pakka company.

Pet bottle blow molding equipment: price and particulars

PET container meet main conditions for water and drink sale: it is attractive in the eyes of buyers and at the same time provides manufacturers also with good economic benefits. If you are interested in success of your own production you will need professional equipment for container blow molding which will be able to form any required shape.

PAKKA brand equipment for PET container blow molding is the successive combination of reasonable price and high quality.

Equipment manufactured by our company facilities obtains a lot of advantages:

  • Simplicity of adjustment, start and use;
  • Sufficiently long life and power;
  • Convenient raw material charging;
  • Simple process of finished product removal.

It should be noted that equipment for PET bottle blow molding from preforms is easily readjustable for operations with containers of different forms and sizes. The machine itself operates stable ensuring uniform air flow and as the result – uniform thickness of finished containers.

How and where it is better to buy the pet blow molding equipment?

Availability of own automated systems for plastic container production is the great advantage enabling to be independent of suppliers. But purchasing the PET bottle blow molding equipment for 250 ml bottles and above the manufacturer with good standing and references shall be focused on. PAKKA company is such manufacturer.

The order can be drawn up by the phone on the website, the online request can be left or you can visit our office (you can find the exact address in the Contracts column).

Please call us. We will always provide free consultation for any question.

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