Blending vessel PAKKA-KE-600 and PAKKA-KE-1000

The blending vessel is designed for mixing of several liquid components
Manufacturing company Pakka
Producer country
Warranty period
12 months

Description of the machine

Concentrate charging is performed through a fold-back cover.
Mixing is performed with a gate agitator equipped with an electro-mechanical drive
The vessel is pressure-tight closed with a cover.
A gage tube for syrup level control is located on the outside part.
The vessel is completely made of food grade stainless steel.


КЕ-600 КЕ-1000
Vessel volume L 600 1000
Agitator rotation speed Rpm 30 30
Installed power kW 0.25 0.25
Supply voltage C 380 380
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) mm 840х840х1450 1000х1000х1450
Weight Kg 80 120

The concentrate is mixed with water for syrup preparation.

The gate agitator driven by a geared motor uniformly mixes the product. The gage tube located inside the vessel enables to control the finished syrup level.

It is made of food grade stainless steel which guarantees its high quality and absence of possible claims to production on the part of controlling agencies.

Blending vessel pakka-ke500 in Izhevsk

More information on blending vessels in Izhevsk

Blending vessel KE-500 is designed for syrup preparation by water mixing with concentrates (ingredients) in the particular ratio.

The blending vessel operates within carbonated drink filling lines.

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