Blending vessel for drink production

If you need a good blending vessel then PAKKA company can offer you something. We are engaged in equipment manufacturing for production of sweet and alcoholic beverages, juices and industrial liquids.

Blnding requirement

In current production you can not avoid use of blending vessels. Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, syrups and even industrial liquids are produced using these vessels.

Blending agitation vessels are very convenient. Due to them technologists are able to observe the drink production process to 100% adhering to the exact product formulation for this purpose

Advantages of blending vessels of pakka brand

Properly selected containers for blending will enable to prepare the required syrup easily by mixing of ingredient in the particular ratio.

Blending vessels of PAKKA brand are included in automated production lines and possess a range of advantages.

  • Safety ensured by reliable structural elements.
  • Environmental friendliness and compliance with sanitary regulations (food grade stainless steel is the basis).
  • Ease of use and ergonomic location of all critical elements – cover, gauge tube, agitator levers.

It should be noted that PAKKA company is ready to execute a custom order according to client requirements to the container volume, rotation speed of an agitating device, overall sizes and its other parameters.

Hot to buy a blending agitation vessels?

An order for the blending vessel can be drawn up by the phone or via the electronic request on the website. We also have the office which address is specified in the Contacts column.

Should you have any questions regarding production, availability of one or another product please call the phone number specified on the website. The manager will consult you for free.

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