Selection of labeling equipment for drink production

Automatic labellers are used for industrial production of drinks. How to select equipment correctly so that it will work maximum long and paid off promptly?

There are labelling machines operating with hot or cold glue, other machines glue labels with a glued edge and another machines glue self-adhesive stickers. All labelling machines are capable of application of different sticker on bottles and other different containers. They cope with this task very accurate and fast not causing damage to an image placed on a label.

The machine type shall be selected depending on its capacity which is determined by product output volumes. In addition the attention shall be paid to the label image which can be transparent or opaque, polypropylene or paper, heat shrinkable and sleeve, in the sleeve form.


Equipment types

Automatic labellers for label application in the form of rolled polypropylene film working with hot glue. Polypropylene labels are distinguished by resistance to external actions and durability. Cost of one label as a rule is lower than other label types. But the labeler itself is more complicated and correspondingly expensive. Use of this equipment type is feasible for capacity of 2,000 bottles per hour and more.

Automatic labellers for application of self-adhesive labels carry lower prices. They are easy to adjust and all-purpose. Diversity of design versions of such machines enables to apply labels almost on any containers or surfaces. They are used both for cylindrical bottles and for flat bottles. Labels used by such machines have the adhesive layer and base from which they are separated by the machine at the time of gluing. Labels themselves can be paper or polypropylene labels. Cost of one label is considerably higher than one label cost of machines operating with hot glue. Both fully automatic and semi-automatic devices are manufacturer when the operation for container installation and removal is performed by an operator.

Cold glue labellers are used for paper label application. The labeller applies glue on a label and then glues it to a product (bottle). Paper label cost is low as compared to other label types. Disadvantage is low label resistance to external actions and possible loss of marketable state in case of liquid entry on labels. As a rule a pile of preliminary cut labels is used.

You can become familiar with detail specifications of equipment for label application on bottles in the catalogue of our products.

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