Our enterprise has set up production of a new product – semi-automatic still liquid filling machine PAKKA-LD2 and PAKKA-LD4


Pakka company is the leading company specializing in installation of semi-automatic and automatic high-technology water filling lines.

Automatic and semi-automatic lines enable producers of water both carbonated and still water, juices, other liquids to considerable increase production capacity and consequently saleable product volumes as compared to manual filling, reduce costs for labor force application having switched over the production in automatic mode.

Lines for water and other liquid filling can be both automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic line difference is that they do not require readjustment from one size of a bottle to another one and the manufacturer can save on operating personnel. Semi-automatic lines enable to perform quick readjustment and fill bottles of different volume. Capacity of the semi-automatic machine depends directly on quantity of filling heads installed on it.

Additional advantages of semi-automatic lines:

  • Easy control
  • Easy installation and setting
  • No need in additional personnel training
  • Reliability guarantee
  • Economical advantage

Pakka company will assist you to purchase high-technology equipment of the line type in different price categories.

Advantages of purchase of equipment manufactured by pakka company:

  • Full technical support: provision of personal and Skype consultations
  • We participate in full system integration
  • We undertake all plant design, installation, commissioning maintenance operations.
  • We sale directly from the manufacturer and guarantee the best price
  • We give full warranty for products
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