Filling technology selection depending on product type

The product type specifies particular requirements to the drink production and filling process. For example carbonated drinks contain gas-forming agents and foam formation is expected. Isobaric filling automatic machines used for liquids saturated with carbon dioxide are used for production of carbonated drinks and beer. Equipment enables to preserve qualitative characteristics of a drink which uniformly fills a bottle without foam formation. It happens due to preliminary pressure equalization – pressure following vessel filling is smoothly reduced in it to atmospheric pressure.

Viscous liquids are filled using special automatic lines equipped with dosers. The main feature of fast filling of viscous products is observation of dosing accuracy. Less viscous drinks are dosed using a piston dosing machine. Highly viscous liquids are filled by automatic machines with rotating feed screws. Accuracy of screw conveyor turn guarantees observance of the preset liquid volume. All parts contacting with the product are made of stainless steel.

You can become familiar with automatic devices for liquid product filling in our catalogue.

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