PET container production as business

Demand for plastic containers for drinking water and other drinks continuously rises. Today you hardly come across milk or beer in glass bottles on the market. Unbreakable and cheap plastic has almost replaced glass in food industry.

Before production launching it is important to analyze the market situation, evaluate the competitor level and quantity as well as demand for plastic containers on the part of manufacturers. Stable demand is maintained due to single use of containers.

Return on assets of banks is quite high due to low cost of raw materials. Equipment for PET container production will be paid off upon output of the first thousand pieces. Upon good demand the full cost recovery can be achieved within several months. Significant savings will be also on transport expenses, plastic containers have low weight and convenience during loading.

A small ventilated premise with all utilities is required for business setting up. Special work pieces are used as primary products — preforms of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which are bought separately because their production requires distinctly different equipment as distinguished from PET container production. (They are manufactured using automatic molding machines). Upon small output volumes 1-2 people of personnel will be required for line operation.

As a rule buyers of PET containers are sales outlets selling draft drinks (beer, kvass, lemonade) as well as small enterprises for bottled drink production which do not want to engaged in container production.

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